A little section from a documentary, Quentin Blake explaining his methods of working. Which are rather similar to my own! 

Graduate show stuff! (Taken with instagram)

Adventures in motion 2011 festival motion identity

An example of an i-dent used for a film festival. 
Sent to me from the client when brain storming ideas for the Kino 10 ident.  

(Source: onedotzero.com)


Bethany Cosentino for Urban Renewal

Photo/Mixed media research


Bethany Cosentino for Urban Renewal

Photo/Mixed media research

source: urbanoutfitters
source: tangyauhoong

Collage Research. 

Never ending inky textures to scan #ink #illustration #textures #uniwork (Taken with instagram)

Another test frame.
How priceless is the woman in this?!
Couldn’t make this stuff up! So British.  

I worked out that painting with wax from a candle (linen flavoured - nice) works so much better than using wax crayons. Ruins my paint brushes though! #illustration #animation #wax #candle #uniwork (Taken with instagram)

Here are two test frames for a little bit I’m doing for Cyclomation 2. (http://www.thepublic.com/exhibitions/cyclomation-2)

I can’t decide whether the scribbleyness in the 2nd frame looks good, or crazy. Or crazy in a good way!

To get an idea of a similar sort of effect I’m going for, and where my influences lie, please watch the “anti music video” by Joseph Pierce for Enter Shikari. Here’s a link…


So in terms of a still image, the woman in this looks a bit like a crazed zombie. But once they’re all put together, I think it could potentially work really well and have a nicely abnormal aesthetic! 

The 2nd image also has the exposure turned up intentionally too high, which gives the scenery that sort of “pop up” look, as thought it’s not real, it’s just a big cardboard cut out. Which I think I like! 

This is also an example of me using a Wacom Tablet!
As you may or may not know, I usually work more or less 100% by hand, with as little digital input as possible. But I decided it’s time to work on my versatility and be a little more 2012! 

Any comments, criticism, advice, or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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