So a week ago I wrote a post about how I’d been selected to take part in ‘Yarn presents Five Stories High’ at Flatpack Festival. So from that point on, I had a really intense week of working late and drinking energy drinks. All for approximately 20 seconds of animation! 

The event went really well, seeing other people’s interpretations of their section of Citizen Kane was interesting, to say the least! My favourite being a slightly awkward viewing of a twitter feed, using the hashtag ‘#twitizenkane’. In which we saw ‘the characters’ have a conversation via twitter. But obviously, members of the audience start tweeting using the hashtag, and it was just hilarious. And silent, and awkward, but in a brilliant way.
It also resulted in ‘meeting’ people via twitter in the room, which was great!
I met hellocatfood and mrJOLEAF via this very strange technique! 

There was also, a singer, a HILARIOUS short film, a ‘live’ interview with one of the characters, and for some reason at one point we had to play pass the parcel. I had no idea what was going on. Apparently it was ALL art, including the twitter feed!
Debatable! But I had a brilliant time none the less.

I’ll upload the animation I created in a second…
HUGE thanks to Riz, Laura and Harshani with some last minute Photoshop and Aftereffects help!