An Exciting Time In My Life


This has been an amazingly exciting month! I’ve not had a chance to stop and recognise how quickly things are happening and changing.

About a month ago, I was living on energy drinks, sleeping for anything from 0-3 hours a night, and working like a crazy person on my final major project!
…which paid off! I’ve just found out I’ve graduated with a 2:1 which I am absolutely over the moon with!  

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of helping to organise the “TA2” Trevor Beattie Visual Communication awards. This was a combination of discussing branding and logo design with the team (the final design was designed by Joseph Heeley and the whole thing revolved around cubes), ‘helping’ Callum with the on-stage motion graphics, phoning around getting quotes from T-shirt companies, cutting up tattoo transfers of the logo, and putting up framed poster prints in the venue; The Glee  Club. 

A handful of my friends were nominated for various awards, including the CGI award, the stop motion award, the 2D animation award, the Brian Griffin, the Library of Birmingham photographic award, The Pitch vis com award, the entrepreneurship award, moving image awards, illustration awards, and graphic design award. It was so lovely to see people winning statues, making speeches and getting recognition for some excellent design work!

I was nominated for the Trevor Beattie Student Of The Year award, which in itself was a huge honour! I was lucky enough to be chosen by Trevor as the runner up! He said some amazing things about my work and promised to keep in touch. Such a great outcome.

I’ve since been offered an interview for an internship at The Viral Ad Network in Bristol. Which has potential to be a really brilliant opportunity, even being interviewed is exciting enough in itself! Fingers crossed hey?

Thank you to everyone who has supported me for three years, when I’ve gone crazy from drawing the same thing 300 times. My parents, my classmates, my housemates and all my closest friends! 

I couldn’t currently tell you where I’ll be in a years time, hopefully I’ll have the foundations for a career in the industry. I may have some freelance work under my belt, I may be working for a company and loving it. But wheels are definitely in motion, and it’s exciting! Here’s to the future!