My up to date showreel! 

Another test frame.
How priceless is the woman in this?!
Couldn’t make this stuff up! So British.  

I worked out that painting with wax from a candle (linen flavoured - nice) works so much better than using wax crayons. Ruins my paint brushes though! #illustration #animation #wax #candle #uniwork (Taken with instagram)

Here are two test frames for a little bit I’m doing for Cyclomation 2. (

I can’t decide whether the scribbleyness in the 2nd frame looks good, or crazy. Or crazy in a good way!

To get an idea of a similar sort of effect I’m going for, and where my influences lie, please watch the “anti music video” by Joseph Pierce for Enter Shikari. Here’s a link…


So in terms of a still image, the woman in this looks a bit like a crazed zombie. But once they’re all put together, I think it could potentially work really well and have a nicely abnormal aesthetic! 

The 2nd image also has the exposure turned up intentionally too high, which gives the scenery that sort of “pop up” look, as thought it’s not real, it’s just a big cardboard cut out. Which I think I like! 

This is also an example of me using a Wacom Tablet!
As you may or may not know, I usually work more or less 100% by hand, with as little digital input as possible. But I decided it’s time to work on my versatility and be a little more 2012! 

Any comments, criticism, advice, or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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#skies #ink #watercolour #illustration #animation #ashtonlewseyanimation # (Taken with instagram)

Laura Redburn.

I love the apparent use of ‘found textures’ - something I’ve been doing a lot of.
A real strong sense of obscurity.  

So, as previously mentioned. The Citizen Kane project was great to work on. The nature of working to a week’s brief meant I had to create an aniamtion QUICK! And I’m glad I did because it’s highlighted some issues which I need to address before Final-Major-Hand-In! 

I pride myself on working nearly 100% by hand, although speaking to people recently. I’m coming to realise that it is possible to retain that ‘hand rendered’ feel, but by speeding up processes digitally etc. I can get stuff done faster! Which is always a winner.!

I’m lucky enough to have an excellent 2nd year student to hand, enter: Riz ( Who helped a LOT with After Effects on this piece. 
It’s impractical to not know how to have a close up on a part of my work, if that’s what I want to to, and if that’s what the animation requires, I should be able to do it! I need to learn! It’s also a much speeder way of putting stills together, it justworks! 

Also, Alex ‘@mrJOLEAF’ Joliffe ( who I met at the very event my animation was screened at. Has offered to help me in terms of my digital learning! Exxxxcellent networking skills on my part! High Five self.

Citizen Kane Project has made me realise I need to improve my TRANSITIONS. When wathcing the above piece ‘Man With The Beautiful Eyes’. I really appreciate the way Johnathan Hodgson has made one scene merge beautifully into the next, using colour and shape manipulation. (For an example, see 1:50 - 2:05, an example of abstract tweening to create flow, rather than a notable ‘change’). This is something I’d love to bring to my work. And would give it that professional edge I’m aiming for!

I also need to think more creatively in terms of composition. My work often has a lot of white space, is this always necessary? Sometime I think this adds to the piece, quite often animated typography on quite space looks great. But when the animation needs a little more context, in terms of character’s having REAL LIVES etc. It doesn’t really make much sense to have a random woman floating around a piece of paper - COME ON ASHTON, THAT’S GCSE STUFF GURL!

So there we go, time to crack on! Tick tock tick tock. University time is nearly over! 

The result of a week long project, interpreting the section 00:43:16 - 00:47:19 from the film ‘Citizen Kane’ in my chosen style.
This project was for ‘YARN’ ( at Flatpack Festival ( in Birmingham’s Custard Factory. 
And a lovely project to participate in!

This project also taught me alot in terms of what I need to do, and carry on doing in terms of my final major project(s). Which I’ll write about in a seperate post….

So a week ago I wrote a post about how I’d been selected to take part in ‘Yarn presents Five Stories High’ at Flatpack Festival. So from that point on, I had a really intense week of working late and drinking energy drinks. All for approximately 20 seconds of animation! 

The event went really well, seeing other people’s interpretations of their section of Citizen Kane was interesting, to say the least! My favourite being a slightly awkward viewing of a twitter feed, using the hashtag ‘#twitizenkane’. In which we saw ‘the characters’ have a conversation via twitter. But obviously, members of the audience start tweeting using the hashtag, and it was just hilarious. And silent, and awkward, but in a brilliant way.
It also resulted in ‘meeting’ people via twitter in the room, which was great!
I met hellocatfood and mrJOLEAF via this very strange technique! 

There was also, a singer, a HILARIOUS short film, a ‘live’ interview with one of the characters, and for some reason at one point we had to play pass the parcel. I had no idea what was going on. Apparently it was ALL art, including the twitter feed!
Debatable! But I had a brilliant time none the less.

I’ll upload the animation I created in a second…
HUGE thanks to Riz, Laura and Harshani with some last minute Photoshop and Aftereffects help!  


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